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Pet Store Options

Whether you want a custom-made aquarium with exotic fish and coral from the tropics of the Pacific for your office or living room, or a small tank with goldfish for your child's bedroom, Wet Pets can meet your every need. The friendly, experienced sales staff has more than 40 years of combined experience and can help you select the most appropriate fish and paraphernalia to suit your budget and fulfill your dreams.

Aquarium Accessories
With any purchase of an aquarium, we provide you with the complete set-up. This includes the decorations, filtration system, air pump, and water conditioners. Each piece of furniture can be custom designed to for any application. Rely on us to develop the canopy, stand, or laminate that is right for you.

Items Available 

  • Coral
  • Reef Products 
  • Live Rock
  • Lighting
  • Metal Halide
  • Compact Lighting

Outdoor Extravaganzas
In addition to indoor tanks, we can also help you create a fish-stocked outdoor pond or water garden. Wet Pets can help build and stock your pond with all the equipment and maintenance support you need to keep your fish happy and healthy. With a complete line of fish, plants, filtration, UV sterilizers, pumps, fountainheads, and chemicals you will be all set.

Contact us or visit our pet store in Gastonia, North Carolina,
to purchase tropical fish and aquariums.

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